La Notte Green

Rifiuto Con Affetto will take part to event La Notte Green. Don’t miss it! Today 26th September 2014 at Palazzo della Penna, Perugia.Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.52.40 AM

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Publink has been selected for Echogreen Call for ideas. The goal of the call was finding 10 innovative projects that would be models for a sustainable transformation of the Trasimeno area.

Publink submitted Trampolieri. These interactive sculptures are deigned to encourage the contemplation of the landscape and to appreciate the observation of changes of seasons slowness. A trampoliere is monocle in wood placed in a strategic point where it is possible to watch a fascinating sight of the landscape. The public can put their head into the sculpture, for discovering unexpected details in a sound isolation ambient.


Publink presented Trampolieri project on 19th September 2014 at Magione Palaecomeeting



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Ecoismi 2014

ECOISMI is a contemporary art event in the heart of the Natual Park of Island Borromeo in Cassano d’Adda (Milan – Italy).

ECOISMI’s leitmotiv is the binomial man and nature.
The exhibition schedules the realization of twelve (n° 12) art works in full harmony with the identity of the Natural Park area.

Publink presented the Palafrutta,  an interactive sculpture that facilitates the experience of “climb up the tree”.
It is built around a fruit tree in the park and allows people to more easily gather the fruit. It also enables anyone to “experience” the tree easily, making an experience from a point of view, otherwise denied.
Through Palafrutta the action of grasping the fruit and climb the tree, are retrieved to discover a close relationship with nature.  The installation which made of wood, allows access to an unusual vantage point of space and physically bring people to the tree, inhabiting it.

palafrutta03 palafrutta04

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Fondazione March / Piazza Artigianato 0

After a workshop promoted by Fondazione March and in collaboration with Francesco Carreri / Stalker , Publink with Aspramente, Ninanó and Orizzontale has realized a redevelopment project of a green industrial zone through the language of contemporary art.

Get a look to Fondazione March’s site too!


some photos about the realization of the project


La palafrutta


I trampolieri


the team : Publink , Aspramente, Ninanó and Orizzontale

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Finally a new dustbin for Rifiuto Con Affetto: welcome EtiCO! 



for more information, visit our site 

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Free sitting in San Marco

Art. Regulation 93 -18/08/2000 of the Urban Policy in Venice, prohibits sitting in Piazza San Marco “outside spaces used specifically for this purpose (…)”, with a penalty of a €25-500 fine.

On the occasion of the “ Collettiva giovani” with the support of the Bevilacqua La Masa Gallery, in 2008 Publink requested the Venice City Council the opportunity to create a free sitting space at the centre of Piazza San Marco on 7th December 2008
An area of 5 square meters (dashed right [don’t think this is necessary]) in the middle of the square, where it’s possible have a 360-degree view of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here, passersby could sit freely on the ground for the duration of the (intervention[I think “event” would be more suitable than “intervention”]), without being subject to fines.

Thanks to this project, the public had the chance, otherwise unlawful, for a temporary occupation of a place that belongs to everyone.

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Rifiuti Adottati

Publink created a virtual community of people who have “adopted a litter.” Using social networks such as Facebook, email and a blog, the open-call invited people who have recovered an object from the street or from waste, to take a picture and to send it to Publink.
All photos were added to a blog ( and photographic installation at the event “ Riciclarti” , Padova – Italy.

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